High School SEL

The lessons on this page are connected through a theme of SEL. As you review, please check to see if the lessons are standalone or connected to a video found elsewhere on the website. Many focus on the executive function skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond, and most include one or more articles to analyze and use as the basis for original projects and/or presentations. Check back often, as this page will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Good Questions, Part 1

    In small groups, students analyze portions of Dean James Ryan’s 2016 commencement speech to the Harvard Graduate School of Education and teach their findings to the full group.

  • Good Questions, Part 2

    Students either act out a scene or draw a comic strip that applies one of the questions from Dean James Ryan’s 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education commencement speech to a real life challenge.

  • Life “Mulligan”

    How do we learn and move on from setbacks?